Vestibular System 




•Air, Bone, Speech – Adults
•Large Booth
•VRA for children
•Play aud. – children
•OAE (DPOAE-gram)
•ABR – Navigator Pro
•Pediatric, sleep deprived
•Pediatric in OR with needle electrodes
•ECog – tiptrodes in canal​

•Auditory Processing Testing
•Childhood learning disorders

      Dizzy and Balance 

VNG (air or water calorics)
—Rotational Chair
—Complete falls exam
—Tullio test
—Fistula test
—Vertebral basilar artery screening
—Cervical vertigo screening
—Vestibular Rehabilitation
—Self directed with DVD
—PT directed
—Free 6 week balance workshop

Falls Clinic 
—Mal de Debarquement rehab

We Also Offer Full Hearing Aid Services. 
Along With The Latest In Modern Hearing Aid Technology,

"Invisible" Hearing Aids &

Free Hearing Screening!


Dizzy? We can help!  Jordan Hearing and Balance is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention. At Jordan Hearing and Balance our dedicated staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate and understanding doctor take pride in paying close attention to each patient's needs.

Lynn S. Alvord, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized author, teacher and lecturer.  His current book, Falls Assessment and Prevention is a best seller in the fields of balance and falls assessment.  He has also written book chapters and numerous articles on this subject as well as on a wide range of audiology topics.  A recent article in “The ENT Journal” reports the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary falls prevention clinic he developed at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.   Additional topics of his past articles include brain imaging and ultrasound assessments in audiology.  His past professional positions have included Director of the Vestibular and Falls clinics at Henry Ford Hospital, associate professor of audiology at the University of Utah, and audiologist for the Veterans Administration.  He currently owns Jordan Hearing and Balance in South Jordan Utah where he is involved in clinical, research and educational activities.


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